Cortana is coming to iOS soon as some users can take the app for a spin

Remember Cortana? It is Microsoft’s own personal digital assistant program aimed at assisting users just like you may have seen with Siri on iPhone.

The personal digital assistant is already available on the windows 10 platform and sometime in August, a public beta was released for android platform.

Cortana coming to iOS
Apparently, the personal digital assistance program will likely be seen on the iOS platform pretty soon as some users will get the chance to test drive the app on their iOS devices soon.

The test drive opportunity is only available to users in the United states and China. Those in the US willing to register will need to complete a short survey first in other to sign up.

Microsoft via its community site, said that it’s looking for limited number of people to get their hands on an early version of the app for iOS. The company also added saying:

Cortana’s deep integration with Windows means that’s where she can really shine. So, while there are some features you’ll use on Windows that we don’t (yet) support on iOS phones (like saying “Hey Cortana” to wake her up), we’ve focused on making Cortana on iOS the perfect companion to your Windows experience.

Microsoft says the first signed up users will get access to download Cortana on iOS via email in the coming weeks and perhaps, the final version should be available in months.

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