Did HTC hit on Apple with it’s ad video for the One A9?

HTC recently launched its latest flagship device, the One A9 and one of the most criticism the phone received is that it looks very much like an iPhone 6, 6s.

HTC one A9 video ad
Yes, actually, there is a striking semblance between the HTC One A9 and the Apple’s iPhone. The only basic difference is the branding and the camera position. Why that raised a lot of eye brows, HTC publicly announced that Apple was the copycat. The company further made claims to the HTC M8 and the likes.

HTC has released an ad video for the One A9 and it’s focused on urging users to be different, bold, loud, inspired, free, brilliant and break away from the uniformity. It’s funny to see that a company who is promoting being different, actually choose to still bring forth a device with same design like we’ve seen before from another brand.

Going through the video, you’d realize that the main character was kicking off some Apples and am wondering, could it be that HTC is hitting on Apple? Oh well, you can watch the video below and share your thoughts.

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