Emoji-based replies is likely coming to twitter soon

Twitter, apparently has been putting some adjustments to its social platform. Couple of months back, the 140 letters limit was lifted off direct messages. Couple of weeks back, the favorite star was changed to a LIKE signified by a love button.

New report has it that the company is testing even more ways in responding to a tweet similar to that on Facebook where you’d be able to respond to a post with sticker emoji which better expresses how you feel about a status update or tweet in this case.

The feature was first discovered by @Ninji using the following method: dev-only feature in iOS app (I used JB tweak Flex to enable it, similar to how I got Polls before they were enabled for my acct).

In regards this, The Verge reached out to twitter to confirm the report. Twitter replied with an emoji (seen above) which could only confirm that twitter is in the works of introducing emojis so that people can better express their feelings in regards tweets.

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