Infinix set to release another smartphone on 27th november, Hot Note 2?

Africa’s No 1 online smartphone brand, infinix mobility, is set to release another smartphone on the 27th of November. Based on leaks, the device will likely be named Infinix Hot Note 2.

Infinix hot note 2 phone
If the Hot Note 2 is what the device will be called, it will definitely be an advanced version of the infinix hot note x551 android phone which has gained grounds in the mobile market and just like we have seen for the hot and hot 2, the hot note is getting an older brother.

It’s been actually weeks since I got to know of the upcoming device. Although infinix mobility had initially refused giving me some leads in regards the specs, some alleged specs of the device has been leaked online.

We’ve even seen infinix CEO, Benjamin Jiang, shared images of the upcoming smartphone. From the retail packaging to what the device will look like and judging from the images, the front design is really sweet compared to what we have seen from the brand so far.

Infinix Hot Note 2 Packaging
Infinix hot note 2 front view
Just like the infinix zero 2 x510 going with the hashtag #TheNextHero, the infinix hot note 2 is going with the hashtag #InfinixBig6.

Although infinix are still holding specs of the device close to the chest, we are guessing the hot note 2 will be bigger than the hot note and that could mean 5.7inch screen size compared to the 5.5inch on the infinix hot note x551.

The Camera on the device is also said to be stunning. The company hasn’t stated what camera specs to expect, however, a picture was shared which is said to have been shot using the note 2 camera.

infinix hot note 2 pics
Talking about software, infinix XUI is the deal. If you have used the android lollipop OS on infinix hot note x551, you should have an idea of the XUI and the features it comes with. If you haven’t, we published an hands-on article with pictures of the XUI which should guide you through on what to expect.

The device will likely have the following specs:

  • Rear Camera: 21 MP Main Camera
  • Front Camera: 13 MP Camera with Flash
  • OS: Android Marshmallow
  • CPU: Helio x20
  • RAM: 4GB
  • ROM: 32GB Internal Storage
  • Body Design: Metal Frame
  • Display: 5.7 INCH Amoled Quad HD
  • Battery: 5300 mAh
  • Security : Fingerprint Scanner
  • Charging : USB TYPE-C Quick Charge

Ar earlier said, infinix is not letting the cat out of the bag in regards the specs of the upcoming smartphone but what has been confirmed is that the device will be unveiled on the 27th of November (later this month) and will likely be called the infinix Hot Note 2 (maybe x552). You can expect the latest reports from me as soon as I get them.

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