Konga Yakata 2015 Sales AKA Black Friday Deals has began

FINALLY! That moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Konga Yakata 2015 black friday sales
For quite a while now, the Black Friday sales also known as Thanksgiving sales has been what’s trending. Virtually every online shopper is looking forward at being able to buy products at awesome discounts.

Online shopping malls operating in the Nigerian market isn’t left out as Konga has just began it’s Yakata sales ( their own name for black Friday deals).

The Konga yakata 2015 sales is synonymous to what the company offered last year except for the fact that the company promises better discount this season.

Earlier before now, the company had shared some pictures to portray the efforts it has made towards offering it’s shoppers a much better yakata sales experience.

The Konga Yakata 2015 sales commenced on the 26th of November and will be ongoing till the 27th being Friday. If you’d like to see what the company is offering during it’s Black Friday sales, you should visit the Konga Yakata page here.

We are actually looking forward to what other online retail shops have to offer during this wonderful season and Happy Black Friday Shopping friends!

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