LG L3 will begin receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update from next month

When android lollipop was newly launched last year, the LG G3 was the first android phone in the world to get the official upgrade to the ‘then new’ OS. It first started in Poland before making it’s way to other markets.

LG G3 getting marshmallow update
Android Marshmallow OS was released few months back and the LG G3 wasn’t the first phone to get an official update this time. The LG G3 isn’t even the first LG smartphone to get the official upgrade as the LG G4 beat the G3 to that by becoming the first android smartphone out of the nexus family to get the marshmallow update.

Interestingly, the LG G3 won’t be missing out on the marshmallow flavor as a polish site, Tablety has reported that the G3 will be upgraded to marshmallow from around December 16-18 (Mid-December). This is to first begin in Poland before making it’s way to other markets in subsequent weeks. Jaroslaw Bukowski from the polish brand of LG, via a tweet on twitter, actually confirmed that the update is currently in works for the smartphone but didn’t specifically confirm the rumored release date.

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