Mozilla Firefox finally makes it’s way to iOS

While other top browsers like Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera and others are already dancing on the iOS platform for quite some time now, Mozilla Firefox has finally decided to be a part of the train.

Mozilla Firefox is a lot of users favorite when it comes to surfing the web on a computer and most android phones. It’s actually interesting to see the app makes it’s debut to the iOS platform as iPhones and iPad users can now download and use Firefox on their devices.

Mozilla Firefox now available on iOS
In a blog post, Vice President of Firefox product, Nick Nguyen said iOS users can now enjoy Firefox with it’s features including smart and flexible search, intuitive tab management, syncing with Firefox accounts and private browsing.

Apple’s OS being quite a restrictive platform, Firefox for iOS will not feature Gecko which is the core engine that normally powers Firefox. Instead, Apple’s Safari and it’s WebKit engine will power the browser.

Firefox for iOS, according to Nick Nguyen, will be getting new features in the future outside the few ones which comes with the first release. Features present in the app includes:

  • Search suggestions predict what you’re looking for in your favorite search engine.
  • Visual Tabs allow you to easily manage multiple tabs on the same screen.
  • Private Browsing gives you the ability to browse the Web without saving history or sharing existing cookies with the sites you visit.

If you’d like to get Firefox running on your iPhone or iPad, head straight to the App Store, search and download. Alternatively, here is a direct link.

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