New report says iOS apps are more vulnerable than Android

Android operating system being Open Source, it is often believed that hackers can easily invade the OS compared to other popular operating system.

Couple of days back, I talked on a new virus on android which is transmitted via an auto-root app. The app automatically roots the phone and installs itself as a system app and thereafter, makes the phone experience miserable.

iOS vs android operating system
While there have been reports of android apps being vulnerable with no much evidence of a real risk, new report has come up to say that more of iOS apps actually have more vulnerabilities than Android and not only that, they are actually more severe.

Apple’s Operating system is often believed to be more secured because of the restrictions being put in place and it’s App review system is quite strict. While Apps on the OS is quite safer, mobile application security vendors checkmarx and AppSec labs says apps on the OS isn’t so secured after all. They furthermore claimed in their report that 40 percent of vulnerabilities in iOS apps were critical compared to 36 percent of the android vulnerabilities.

Amongst the vulnerabilities relayed, leaking of personal information was the most common at 27 percent. ID authentication and authorization came next with 23 percent. Cryptography weakness, disclosure of technical information such as application logs, and more were also enlisted.

Perhaps, the next time someone tells you the iOS operating system is more secured than an Android, you may want to give the person a funny look. It would be worthy of note to state that an hacker recently admitted that the Windows OS is the most secured operating system on mobile.

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