No, Chrome OS is not dying soon, Google says it is here to stay

For sometime now, there has been rumors stating that Google is planning to kill Chrome OS and to introduce more of the android OS even to its chromebooks.

TechsNG writer, Kenni, via a blog post here, even talked on the subject matter although with a question mark indicated even in the title and she asked if Android OS is to be merged with chrome OS.

Google chromebook is here to stay
Google in a new statement via it’s Google for work blog, has mentioned that the Chrome OS is here to stay. Therefore, if you are wondering whether or not, Google is discontinuing the chrome OS anytime soon, the answer is simply NO.

Although the company acknowledges the fact that its engineers are working on making the chrome OS and android OS work together (for example, some android apps working on chrome via Apps Runtime otherwise known as ARC). There are still no plans to phrase out chrome OS.

The company furthermore added that there are plans to releasing even more features for the Chrome OS such as new media player, a visual refresh based on material design, improved performance and of course, a continue focus on security. You should be expecting more Chromebooks in 2016.

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