You can now preview Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 on your Android phone

Mozilla Firefox seem to be quite busy this month as they newly rolled out the Firefox browser app on iOS. In addition to that, they just rolled out it’s OS version 2.5 for android users to take a spin.

Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 now available on android
Before now, the only way to test Mozilla Firefox OS on an android phone is via a third party hack referred to as B2gdroid. Now, the OS 2.1 can be tested using more like a launcher format.

Wondering what features are packed in the new Firefox OS 2.5? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Add-ons: Just like the add-ons we’ve come to love in desktop browsers, Firefox OS add-ons can extend just one app, several, or all of them, including the system app itself.
  • Private Browsing with Tracking Protection: A new Firefox privacy feature, Tracking Protection allows users to control how their browsing activity is tracked across many sites.
  • Pin the Web: Pin the Web removes the artificial distinction between web apps and web sites and lets you pin any web site or web page to your home screen for later usage.

If you’d like to take the Mozilla Firefox OS 2.1 for a spin on your android phone, you can download the APK file here and install on your android phone. If you enjoy what you see and also would like to keep the experience on your android phone, you can choose to flash the OS on your smartphone.

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