Rumor: Google is looking at producing it’s own phone and chip

Latest rumor in regards the search engine giant, Google, has it that the company is discussing designing it’s own chip and perhaps, producing it’s own phone.

Google likely producing phones and chip soon
You may be thinking, who owns Android? Who recently launched the latest nexus smartphones? Well, Google owns android and it’s not a chip neither is it a phone, it’s an operating system. The latest nexus smartphones weren’t manufactured by Google.

Google collaborated with LG to produce the Nexus 5X and with Huawei to produce the Nexus 6P. Same way Google collaborated with infinix to produce the infinix hot 2 which is Africa’s first android one smartphone. These phones aren’t originally manufactured by Google.

The rumor actually comes from The Information and this isn’t the first time such information will be out in the air. The report claims that Google is seriously looking at making it’s own phone and the source had initially also pointed out that Google was in the works of producing it’s own chip. The Information also added that Google has been having internal discussions on the matter. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much every information that has been given so far.

Looking at how Google has continually been a part of the mobile market, I am sure it wouldn’t come as a surprise if we wake up one day and realize that this rumor has actually come to reality and who knows, Google may be starting with a Pixels phone.

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