Samsung will likely be launching a flip phone version of the Galaxy S6

When was the last time you actually used a flip phone? The world is evolving and we are getting used to bar designed phones with just touch screen. Even the qwerty keyboards blackberry’s still using on it’s smartphone isn’t catching enough fantasy compared to the touch screen designs.

The era of flip phone seem to have gone past the blocks but it’s quite interesting to know that mobile manufacturers are actually trying to bring back old memories. LG recently launched it’s flip phone referred to the LG Wine Smart.

Back in August, Samsung launched the Samsung G9198 flip phone running on snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB RAM and 16 megapixels back camera and since then, there haven’t been much news about the device.

samsung flip phone with Galaxy s6 build
Samsung isn’t giving up on the flip design anytime soon as the company is preparing to launch a new flip phone having the Galaxy S6 build.

Samsung Flip with galaxy s6 specs
Looking at the specs of the phone, it sports a 3.9-inch AMOLED screen display (front and back) with a resolution of 1280 × 768. The SM-W2016 also runs on a 64-bit Octa-Core Exynos 7420 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB internal storage and it’s 4G LTE capable. It also sports a 16 megapixels back camera and a 5 megapixels front facing camera. The smartphone runs on android 5.1.1 lollipop OS with a dimension of 120.4 x 61 x 15.1 mm and weighs around 204 grams.

Based on the specs and build, the device is seen as a flip version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it has recently passed China’s regulatory agency TENAA. No report as to when the device will be released as well as how much it will be sold for. More so, no reports as to whether or not the smartphone will be released in other countries other than China.

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