This upcoming Oppo Smartphone copies the iPhone 6s Plus design

Couple of months back when we first saw leaked images of the HTC One A9, the first thought was that it looks very much like the iPhone in terms of design.

Months after, HTC released the One A9 and the design wasn’t different from the earlier leaked images and yes, it was a complete replica of the iPhone 6 design.

HTC however, claimed that it was Apple who copied their design and not the other way round. While we thought we won’t be hearing such stories in a long while, latest leaked images of upcoming Oppp’s smartphone says otherwise.

OPPO is launching a new smartphone soon and although no specs of the device has been leaked yet, new leaked images shows the design looks just like the iPhone 6 Plus.

Upcoming oppo phone looking like iPhone 6 plus
In the case of HTC, the company did an adjustment in the camera position. However, in the case of OPPO, camera position is same. The only change made apart from the branding, is the LED flash light placement.

Other placements below the upcoming smartphone from OPPO looks very much as the seem on the iPhone 6 Plus. The speaker grill placed at the right side, USB in between and the 3.5mm jack at the far left just same places as the iPhone.

Oppo with iPhone 6s plus design
As stated earlier, so far, no specs of the device has been mentioned and we will definitely be looking forward to the specs this iPhone 6 plus replica brings to the table.


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