Airtel Launches unlimited data plan for Night browsing

Quite a lot seems to be happening in the telecommunication company as glo, MTN and Airtel are introducing new data plans for it’s subscribers.

MTN recently launched a new weekend plan offering 3GB of data for just N300. This is synonymous with what Airtel had initially launched although airtel offered 1GB of data for N100.

In a bid to satisfying more subscribers, Airtel has decided to offer something more interesting. A plan that will really come in handy this festive season. Airtel is offering unlimited data plans for Night users.

airtel unlimited data plans for night browsing
Owing to the fact that the Night time could be the best time to download all of those movies, games, apps, music etc you’ve always wished for, this plan would certainly come in handy and the time frame is from 12AM to 6AM.

How to Activate Airtel Unlimited Data Plan for Night browsing

The Airtel unlimited data plan for night browsing is available in three time frames; 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours.

For 1hour plan (N100), dial *481*1#
For 3hours plan (N300), dial *481*2#
For 6hours plan (N500), dial *481*3#

As earlier stated, time frame for the unlimited browsing on the Airtel network is from 12AM to 6AM.

Which devices can use the data plan?

This plan can work on virtually all devices. Be it an android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, computer etc, the plan works on all devices.

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