Infinix launching the Zero 3 x552 anytime soon?

While we have witnessed infinix launch smartphones under three basic Series, rumor has it that the brand is likely launching another smartphone under the Zero series.

We have seen the Infinix Zero x506, Zero 2 x509 and might likely be seeing the Zero 3 (x552) released in the future.

Infinix Zero 3
The rumor came to limelight following a picture that recently surfaced online alongside an antutu benchmark report showing the infinix x552 scores.

Infinix Zero 3 x552 antutu benchmark score
The antutu benchmark shows the infinix x552 had a total test score of 44245 (a score no infinix phone has actually attained so far).

While the infinix hot note had the number x551 and the note 2 with x600, we have reasons to doubt the authenticity of this antutu benchmark report of the infinix x552 said to be Zero 3. We will be looking forward to seeing what specs the smartphone holds and how it unfolds if it ever does.

UPDATE : TechsNG just confirmed the report from an infinix insider and the infinix Zero 3 x552 is said to be launched on the 15th of this month being December, 2015. As usual, Infinix is keeping specs of the device to the chest. However, 15th from now isn’t so distant and we will sure be updating you on the phone specs as soon as we get them.

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  • I have been anticipating this fone and finally it’s here. I pray for a better battery Life and RAM. Will trade My zero 2 for dis

  • The rate at which infinix is releasing devices is quite alarming o. When did they launch hot note pro? Hot 2? Note 2 and now Zero 3?

    Anyway, Samuel, we are looking forward to information on the specs and a full review. Perhaps, I would ditch the note 2 for zero 3.

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