MTN giving out free 300MB for first infinix note 2 x600 users?

Now, just before I let the cat out of the bag, I’d like to make something clear. Please look at the title of this article again. I actually added a question mark (?) which implies that am actually asking a question and not sure of my claims.

Now the thing is, MTN gave me free 300MB upon inserting my SIM (old sim actually) into the newly launched infinix Note 2 x600 phone and am wondering if it applies to everyone that buys / gets the phone.

free MTN 300MB on infinix note 2

free 300MB on infinix note 2 x600 phone

I sorta have reasons to believe that my SIM wasn’t exactly lucky on this one. I am guessing it applies to everyone who buys the infinix note 2 and decides to use their MTN sim on the phone.

Infinix didn’t state this in their campaign and am guessing it could be as a result of the frequent abuse by IMEI tweakers based on earlier smartphones released. So biko, IMEI tweakers, now that you know the gist, kindly allow those who buy the phone with their money to enjoy the free data attached (if any). Thank you.

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