Samsung might be going into the car business as well

Most big tech companies we know of, actually have one or two things going on in the automobile business. It’s no longer news that Google is developing self-driving cars.

Apple has recently dived into the automobile company not by producing cars (at least not yet) but by bringing car-play to the picture. Rumor even has it that Apple might be looking forward to launching an electric / self-driving car in the future but of course, you shouldn’t believe totally in rumors.

Samsung being one of the top companies with a hand in almost every essential necessity ranging from Smart devices to Television, hi-fi systems, Laptops, fridges, memory, processors, washing machines, Air Conditioners, display, etc is likely expanding into the automobile industry.

samsung electronies company into producing car components
This report was brought about by Reuters and No, it doesn’t necessary imply that Samsung may be producing cars soon. Instead, the company might be looking more into producing car components. According to Samsung, the company will be putting together a team to work on creating products like in-car entertainment systems, satellite navigation and self-driving technology.

As for now, there has been no information in regards when Samsung will be debuting it’s first car-related component, but it shouldn’t be a surprise when it comes to your face and we actually think this is worth looking forward too.

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