Say Hello To SnapChat’s New Rival, Viber Wink !

Snapchat as a messaging app needs no formal introduction. The messaging app has been around for quite some time now and even though Facebook messenger, BBM and WhatsApp still appears to be at the top, SnapChat is still on the rising and on a fast pace.

Interestingly, SnapChat now has a new competitor known as Viber Wine. No, this isn’t exactly the Viber application, it’s more like an extension app from Viber.

What Viber Wine app does is that, it works in a way quite similar with SnapChat. The app allows you to take pictures and record short videos of up to 10 seconds and share with another user in other for them to see for a few seconds(if set).

Viber wine app as SnapChat rival

What this entails is, users can share pictures and videos and set a custom time frame to which the recipient can be able to view the image. Let’s say the sender sets a 12 seconds timer for the sent picture or video, when the recipient views the picture or video for about 12 seconds, it expires. This is very much similar to BBM’s timed messages.

Of course, users can also choose not to set time frame on sent pictures and videos when using Viber Wine app. However, this feature is also available on the stand-alone Viber application.

Viber Wine application is currently available on iOS and Android and it’s actually free. Please bear in mind that content shared through the Viber wine app also appears in the regular messaging threads in Viber.

Download Viber Wine app For iPhone Download Viber Wine app For Android
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