This short movie was shot using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

When it comes to camera tests on smartphones, two basic devices have been in the news for more comparisons compared to others. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6s (Plus).

In an attempt to promoting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, a short movie was shot and it was shot exclusively using Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge movie shoot

This sorta reminds me of a video comparing the Apple iPhone 6s Plus to a DSLR camera done by a professional photographer who then concluded that the iPhone 6s Plus shoot better videos.

Well, back to the video shot using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can have a view below:

While the video looks astonishing considering the fact that it was shot exclusively using a smartphone, bear in mind that it was created by filmmakers with experience in the field. Quite a number of lightening, scenery and framing must have been put in place. More so, the video must have undergone a fair amount of post-processing before arriving at it’s final stage.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with an amazing camera packed with the ability to record videos in 4K, I still don’t think it’s idea for professional filmmakers.

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