Video calling feature might be coming to whatsapp pretty soon

WhatsApp is undeniably one of the most popular mobile messaging apps. Voice call feature was recently introduced to the service and although it was a welcome development, statistics shows that a huge number still relies on chatting instead of calling. Perhaps as a result of the poor service which has been said to be fixed.

New leaked screenshot from has it that the messaging service might be getting the video call feature soon.

Whatsapp video calling feature very soon

Before now / currently, we’ve video calling active on some services like Skype (my favorite), Viber, LINE, Facebook messenger, Facetime and a few others. Am sure most people ain’t aware that Facebook messenger video call feature actually works.

The screenshot which was shared to portray the video calling feature on WhatsApp clearly shows the iOS version. However, we are pretty much positive that android will be getting the WhatsApp video call feature if it ever comes to limelight.

Point is, if the screenshot shared from which was also shared by IBTimes is anything to go by, WhatsApp video calling feature might be coming sooner than we know it.

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