Xiaomi Mi4 Android phone gets Windows 10 Mobile OS ROM

For quite sometime now, we have constantly been faced with news relating to android phones being able to use windows 10 mobile OS.

The Xiaomi android smartphone in August, was seen running the windows 10 Mobile operating system. While the video was in Chinese and couldn’t be well understood, the point passed across was that an android phone is seen running Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Today, the windows 10 mobile operating system ROM was made available for the Xiaomi Mi4. While that seem as good news for users who love experimenting with their android smartphone, Unfortunately, there is a setback. Not all Xiaomi Mi 4 android phones will be able to enjoy the windows 10 mobile OS on their smartphones.

The Windows 10 Mobile OS ROM is specifically available for the LTE-enabled version of the Xiaomi Mi4. Hence, Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphones sold in India (Mi 4W) won’t be able to flash the windows 10 ROM at least for the time being.

If you’d like to check out the windows 10 mobile operating system on your Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone, you can get further help from the Xiaomi forum using the source link at the end of the post.

If you’d like to see some hands-on images before deciding on whether or not to go with the new flow, the images below might come in handy.

windows 10 mobile OS on Xiaomi Mi 4 android phone windows 10 mobile2 windows 10 mobile3 windows 10 mobile4 windows 10 mobile5 windows 10 mobile6
Source : Xiaomi

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