You can now listen and reply your last 5 messages using Google Now

When Apple launched the iPhone 6s duo and made improvements to the Personal assistant app, Siri, one of the basic emphasis was the personal assistant app being able to read and reply emails using voice commands.

Google Now is following suit as Android users can now listen to their last 5 messages and reply them using Google Now. And No, you don’t have to type. Everything can be done using a voice command via Google Now.

Saying ‘OK Google‘ automatically launches the Google Now service and saying ‘Show me my latest messages‘ allows the service read your last 5 text messages and you can give a voice response rather than having to type.

Google now read and reply messages
There is actually a trick to this though. While saying ‘Show me my last messages‘ or ‘show me my latest messages‘ allows Google Now to read your last 5 text messages, saying ‘show me my newest messages‘ or ‘read me my last messages‘ will allow the service open the browser with the search term ‘read me my last messages or show me my newest messages instead of reading your messages to you. Point is, you have to use the ‘show me….’ voice command instead of ‘read me…’

This new feature is basically available with your carrier SMS messages only and you will need to update the Google service via the play store app.

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