Apple Rolls Out iOS 9.2.1 Update With Minor Bug and Security Fixes

It’s just a few days from the beginning of the new year and Apple has rolled out it’s first public OS update for 2016. While iOS 9.2.1 beta test has been in existence since December 16 for basically developers, the update has been rolled out for the public.

Apple iOS 9.2.1 update

Based on the update description, it brings the usual suspects to the table consisting of security update as well as bug fixes including a fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) server.

To update, simply navigate to Settings > General > Software update. The next update iOS users should be looking forward to is iOS 9.3 which is currently in beta testing stage.

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  • Thanks alot for all your efforts in terms of technology update..
    I’ve been experiencing problems trying to upgrade my iPad to d latest software… Still on 8.0 and each time I try to download d update, d process seem to b unending [sometimes even hours] and the problem isn’t from d network cos I have lots of data and it’s fast.
    Any advice?

    • Emmy, whenever you try updating, are you sure the iPad’s battery is over 70%? More so, are you sure it is the original iPad and not a cloned one?

  • Good day, yeah d battery is usually full before I start d upgrade and it’s original bcos I successfully upgraded it from 7 to 8 previously

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