Beware Of This Link, It Crashes Your Browser

While April Fool’s day is still a couple of months ahead, a link prank has been making rounds over the internet including social media networks.

The link actually crash your browser and in some cases, could render the device to start lagging until a reboot is done.

This link crashes your browser

Most people have been seen sending the link to others as a prank in other for them to unknowingly crash their browser and unfortunately, some have devised the means of shortening the URL. That way, unsuspecting internet surfers could fell peer.

The link address is and yes, the site does exactly what it says in it’s domain name. Although the domain tend to point to basically safari browser which is the default browser on iOS devices, it crashes every browser (including Android) except internet explorer 11.0 running on windows 8.1.

No, accessing the link does not crash your phone nor installs any kind of worm, Trojans, malware neither does it pose any security risk. It just crashes your browser when accessed hence, having to force-close the app and relaunching would be the only fix. Depending on the kind of device being used, it may reboot your device but again, it doesn’t pose any security risk whatsoever.

Owing to the fact that tempers with your phone or computer’s browser in regards having to  crash it thereby leaving you with no option than to force-close or reboot your phone or computer, it would be in your best interest not to access the link address but again, if you want to push your luck, it’s allowed lol. Cheers!

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