Blackberry Rolling Out OS Update On BB10 Phones

Blackberry recently mentioned that it won’t be producing any phone running BB OS 10 operating system this year. They further mentioned that they will be looking more into producing smartphones running android OS which left a lot wondering if they will ever see an OS update on their BB10 smartphones this year.

Interestingly, Blackberry isn’t dropping the OS 10 operating system neither are they leaving it’s users in the dark as a new OS update has been rolled out to BB10 phones. The OS version rolls up to the number and if you haven’t received the update prompt yet, it should be rolling out to your smartphone soon.

blackberry OS for BB10 phones

To check if the update is available for your BB10 (Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10, Z30, leap, Classic, Passport) smartphone, navigate to Settings > scroll down to Software updates.

No description as to what the update entails. Perhaps, it’s just a minor update and nothing significant is brought to play.

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  • Better late than never, been a while since got an update notification.

    I always wished for a dark themed hub, but BlackBerry always does the opposite.

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