How To Buy Airtime Using Access Bank Account Without Internet or ATM

It’s no doubt that there are situations when you need to purchase airtime urgently online using internet banking or debit card but cannot get internet connection. More so, not everyone has got internet banking enabled on their smartphones regardless of how many times it has been preached.

Of course, most telecommunication companies in Nigeria allows you borrow credit and pay back on a later date or when you get a chance to recharge but let’s be honest, it doesn’t pay. Especially with the service charge included. It sure would be better if you can just buy credit using your bank account balance without the need of your debit card details or internet right?

buy credit using access bank account without internet or atm

Well, you can actually buy airtime using your bank account balance easily without the need of your ATM details or internet and am about to show you how.


First and foremost, the phone number you intend using in making the purchase needs to be registered on your bank’s account. You can’t just use any random number, it has to be the specific number registered with your bank account.

When you are sure of the phone number, simply dial *901*amount#. For example, if you intend buying N1000 airtime, dial *901*1000# and your phone will be credited with the amount purchased.

For MTN users, you are required to have a minimum of N1 while for other networks, you can perform the above procedure even with an empty account balance.

I did it with my MTN line and I didn’t only get the airtime purchased, I also got 10% of the airtime purchased as bonus.

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