GooApple Is Likely Releasing an iPhone 7 Clone Known as i7

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 in a few months from now and there has been quite a lot of buzz in regards what to expect. We’ve heard a lot of report as well as leaked images and apparently, some Chinese OEMs can’t wait to cash out on the trend.

GooApple, a Chinese brand which has made it their business to keep producing clones of iPhones, is reportedly working on an iPhone 7 clone. While the iPhone 7 is yet to be released, the company is said to be working on the i7 which clones the upcoming iPhone 7 based on leaked images.

GooApple i7 clone of iPhone 7

This isn’t the first time the company will be cloning an Apple product. They cloned the iPhone 6 and 6s and named it GooApple i6 and now, GooApple i7 is just on it’s way.

This time, the brand is using some really high-end specs on the iPhone 7 clone and will as usual, be coming with an affordable price tag.

The iPhone 7 clone (GooApple i7) will be powered by Helio P10 processor with 4GB RAM and internal storage capacity of up to 256GB with Micro SD-Card support. The device will also sport a 16 megapixels back camera, NFC, 3100mAh battery with fast charging, audio HIFI all in a slim metal body design.

Under the hood, the device will be running Android marshmallow operating system with an overlay of iOS 9 UI to give it the Apple’s iPhone feel.

Despite all the cool specs and design, would you want to put your money on the device owing to the fact that it’s still a fake iPhone product?

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