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Thanks to Technology, things are becoming much easier and the ability to check whether or not your National Identity Card is ready for collection can now be checked online. Thanks to YomiProf for the Insight.

If you had registered for the National Identity Card (ID card) in your local center before now and you are wondering if the plastic ID is available for collection, you can simply check online.

Please be aware that when you registered, you were possibly given a temporary national ID card (Paper type) and this guide doesn’t involve the paper type. Instead, it involves the plastic type who is more durable and it’s usually available years after initial registration.

Steps To Checking National ID Card Availability Status Online

==> First, visit the NIMC website Here and you should be displayed a welcome message. Just click on ‘Click To Proceed

national ID card availability

==> On the next page, you are required to input your first name, Last Name and National Identification Number. The National Identification Number (NIN) required is the last 6 digit out of the full NIN numbers.

check National identity card availability status online

When done, click on Check Now and if your card is available for collection, it will be stated. If it isn’t, you’d see an error stating that the details did not return a result which could mean that the card hasn’t been sent to an activation center and isn’t ready for collection.

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  • Is there any chance whatsoever that ur card can be ready yet u stil recieve an error msg? It’s over 2 and half years I did mine and I still get d error msg whenever I try to check.

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