LG Rolling Out Android 6 Marshmallow For The LG G3 in Poland

Couple of months back, it was stated that the LG G3 smartphones in Poland will begin receiving android 6 marshmallow upgrade in a few weeks after.

The announcement was communicated on Twitter by Jaroslaw Bukowski. As at then, it was stated that the update is currently in works for the LG G3 model of phones in Poland.

LG G3 getting android 6 marshmallow update

Now, the android 6 marshmallow update is now rolling out to LG G3 smartphones in Poland and thanks to the Poland region of the brand who made the announcement.

This information was communicated via the brand’s Facebook and twitter pages. Unfortunately, the update isn’t yet available Over The Air (OTA). Hence, interested users would have to upgrade using the company’s PC connectivity software.

It may be worthy to note that the LG G3 isn’t the first LG smartphone to get the marshmallow update. The company’s 2015 flagship device, LG G4, was actually the first.

The marshmallow update for the G3 which is currently ongoing in Poland will likely be extended soon to other regions like South Korea and Europe. However, no confirmed information in regards that yet.

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