Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard Might Be Coming To iOS and Android Soon

Third party keyboards on smartphones is gradually becoming a necessity as far as customization is concerned.

We’ve seen thousands of third party keyboards app available on the Android play-store and Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 keyboard shouldn’t be left out of the numbers.

If you ain’t too comfortable with those keyboard apps on your android or iOS device and still feels the need to have something different, the Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard might just be a hit back-to-back.

Microsoft word flow app in action

The Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard is currently available on the Microsoft operating system, however, email received by windows Central (sent by Microsoft to selected members of the windows insider program) reveals that Microsoft is working on making the app available on iOS and Android platform. This can be likened to the Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant app which is also now available on Android and iOS platforms.

The Word Flow Keyboard is a swipe-to-type keyboard that has some resemblance with the famous SwiftKey keyboard which is available on iOS and Android platform.

Microsoft word flow app for iOS and android

Sometime in 2014, the Word Flow Microsoft keyboard app was used in setting a Guinness World Record for fastest texting on a touchscreen display which was broken by Fleksy app.

Microsoft’s keyboard, just like almost every other popular apps, can easily suggest words and correct misspellings thanks to it’s auto-correct functionality. We’d be looking forward to seeing how the Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard app competes with those already available keyboard apps currently rocking Android and iOS platforms.

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