NITEL/MTEL New Roll Out Date Is Set For March 2016

During late 2015, there was a network comeback we were actually looking forward to and that is NTEL’s 0804 lines with 4G LTE network connectivity.

While the comeback was slated for November 2015, this didn’t come to limelight which left a sad look on some faces.

Nitel 0804 lines with 4G lte connectivity set for march 2016

Well, NATCOM who are the owners of Nigeria’s foremost telecommunications provider, has come up to say that the 0804 dream with 4G LTE connectivity will begin roll out in March this year being 2016.

Mr Olatunde Ayeni, Chairman of NATCOM, claimed that $1bn has been injected into the comeback of the network service since the acquisition took place.

Based on earlier report, the roll out of the service will begin in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and will then likely be rolled over to other cities in due time.

Interestingly, the roll out likely to commence in March (if the company doesn’t disappoint again), will give room to job creation up to the number of 4000 employees. We really cannot wait to see how this network saga unfolds and what it brings to the table.

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