PowerTrekk System Charger Charges Your Phone Using Water

Technology is advancing by the day and we are seeing new inventories in the mobile world. Another inventory is claiming that your phone’s battery can now be charged using water.

According to Metro, the PowerTrekk, made by Swedish clean-tech company, myFC, generates power by mixing sodium silicide with water to produce hydrogen gas that powers the fuel cell.

Smartphone Charger Uses Water To Charge Your Phone

According to the team, users can simply pour water in the tray of the PowerTrekk, place a PowerPukk cartridge in the tray, cover the system and then connect a phone with a USB cable. Doing that, users will be able to charge their phone using water.

Charging your phone using water via powertekk systems

There isn’t a specific kind of water required as Mineral water, Salt water or dirty water from streams/puddles can be used in powering up the device as long as it doesn’t contain sediments.

powertrekk system used in charging phones using water

The device can fuel enough cells to provide the same amount of power as four AA batteries which should give about 10 hours of phone battery life. The PowerPukk cartridges are non-corrosive, leak-proof and can easily be changed by buying replacements.

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