Twitter Planning On Increasing Tweet Limit From 140 to 10000? #Twitter10k

Twitter, over the past few months have been doing quite a lot of useful adjustment to the social network. Couple of months back, the 140 character limit on direct messages was removed. Months after, Favorite was changed to Like.

Recently, there were speculations that Emoji-based replies will be coming to twitter soon and while we are still yet to really see that in place, speculation has it that twitter is planning to remove the 140 text character limit and increase it to 10,000.

This has created a lot of buzz online and the hashtag #Twitter10k has been trending for a while now.

twitter increasing text limit to 10000 characters

Going through the hashtag, a lot of users have been relaying their concerns in regards twitter wanting to increase texts limit to 10,000 characters. Most stated that instead of twitter increasing the limit, editing feature should be introduced. Others also complained that while increasing the limit isn’t exactly a bad idea, 10,000 characters is just out of place.

Twitter’s CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey telegraphed his concern in regards the limit. He stated that twitter wasn’t originally created with the 140 characters limit. The limit was brought in place to fit into a Single SMS message which has the limit of 160 characters.

He also added that while most people wish they could say more using text format on twitter, a lot has devised the means of using screenshot images containing texts in expressing their words. You can read the full script below.

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