Here’s How To Use WhatsApp As Search Engine (Wikipedia)

WhatsApp is no doubt, one of the most used mobile messaging app with over 1 billion users (according to latest report). While the app is used mostly for it’s basic function, messaging, you can actually engage search queries right from the app.

Yes, you read that right. You can engage in search queries right from the WhatsApp application without having to use another app. Simply put, you can use WhatsApp as a mini search engine and here’s how to.

use whatsapp as search engine

Using WhatsApp As Search Engine

=> First, save the contact +918148911230 on your phone with the name “Wikipedia” (without quotes)

==> Launch your WhatsApp application and choose to create a new group.

==> On the create new group page, add the earlier saved Wikipedia contact as the only participate in the group and choose to create.

==> Now, on the newly created Wikipedia group, simply type Wiki before the search word and results will be presented to you immediately (as seen in the screenshot above).

It’s that simple. Go ahead and give it a shot. Remember to type “Wiki” (without quotes) before the search keyword. For example, Wiki Samuel Adeniyi.

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