You Can Download Telegram Messenger App For Java/Symbian, Blackberry and Android Phones Here

While Telegram as a messaging app is quite known in some other parts of the world, it isn’t so famous in Nigeria. At least not yet.

Telegram over the past few months, has posed some threats to WhatsApp and stands as the major contending app in the messaging world. Latest report even had it that WhatsApp banned linking to the telegram website on it’s platform.

telegram app for java, symbian and blackberry phones

While the app is available on the Blackberry world app store for Blackberry 10 users, lower versions of Blackberry Phone users seem left out as well as Java and Symbian users.

Fortunately, Java users as well as Symbian and lower BB phone users can now also enjoy the telegram app on their devices. All you need do is download from the link below for your respective devices.

For Java / Symbian users, you can download Here.

For lower blackberry phone users, you can download the .bar extension of the telegram app here.

Blackberry 10 phone users can get the app from the Blackberry world app store.

Android users can download from Google play store. Got questions? Feel free to ask using the comment session.

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