You Can Now Acess The Nigerian 2016 Budget Online

Over the last couple of weeks, news had it that the Nigerian 2016 Budget was missing. This caused a lot of buzz and of course, had a lot of people talking especially via social networks.

The common believe was that the budget is filled with fraud and as expected, different figures said to be included in the 2016 budget surfaced online.

nigerian 2016 budget available online

The 2016 Nigerian budget is now available online and while it can be accessed in PDF format via, a more simpler format is also available.

Oo Nwoye on twitter, announced that @dewole10 and @sfolayan has made a summary of the 2016 Nigerian budget in a more friendly format.


So, if you’d like to go through the 2016 Nigerian budget in a summarized format, you can do so HERE. Otherwise, you can use the budgetoffice PDF page here for more detailed 2016 budget resource.

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