Be Careful Of Some Data Resellers In Nigeria, Here Is An Experience

When it comes to buying data for surfing the internet, downloading and other routine exercises, it is often believed that data purchased from data resellers is slightly cheaper than when buying directly from the network service provider.

TechsNG barely advertises buying data from resellers. If i recall vividly, i have only recommended one person and that was a long time ago after i had tested and trusted his service. I barely or should i say, i no longer buy data from resellers. To me, buying directly from the network service provider is more secured and if buying the right plan, it’s kinda cheaper.

Be careful of some data resellers in Nigeria

Anyway, without much talks, i stumbled on a story on Nairaland where a user complained of how he was duped by an acclaimed data reseller. Believe me, this isn’t the first time i will be coming across such reports. It’s not even the second time however, i just felt i should warn readers against buying from data resellers they were not recommended to.

The story goes thus:

I am sad not because of the money but because I never thought I could ever get defrauded and even if I will be defrauded, not in d manner this happened, because mehn it was just too cheap.

I have a bb and a Lumia fone, I usually subscribe my bb then hotspot my Lumia, but I got to a place with poor network and I needed to take care of a lot of things online and I got to understand MTN network is good around here. So I resulted to buying data, I remember a friend bought data once from someone and I saved the number just in-case.

So I checked my fone and luckily I saw it, I contacted the guy, he quickly sent me an image showing different packages on Whatsapp, so I opted for the one of 1500 for 2gig, I told him I cant send recharge that he should send his bank details but he gave me an excuse and said I can transfer so I immediately loaded my fone through mobile banking and sent, only for him to call apologizing dat he just discovered all that’s left is a 4gig package that will expire in 60days, that he’s very sorry that I should please kindly send another 1500, I got angry and still sent d 1500, since I will be staying here for a while and MTN being d only good network, I still didn’t get any data, it was wen I called again to challenge him that the whole thing became clear that its all scam when he started saying I should send another 1500.

I am just sharing this for everyone to beware of some so-called online data sellers. Most of them are fraudsters.

So, there you have it. Please be careful of most online data resellers. If you must buy from a data reseller, please buy from someone that was recommended to you. Maybe by TechsNG or anyone else you solely trust. If you are using a BB10 phone, i honestly don’t know why you would be needing data resellers when you can subscribe to glo bis for N1000 giving you 3GB of data which you can share to every other device that has got WiFi connectivity. A word is enough for the wise o.

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