These Infographics Shows Some WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Probably Did Not Know

WhatsApp as a mobile messaging application, over the years, has turned out to be one of the most widely used mobile apps. The app isn’t only available on the three well known mobile operating systems, it is available on even the old java and Symbian platforms. Perhaps, that contributed a great deal to the app hitting the 1 billion monthly active users milestone.

Over the years, we have also witnessed some new features being put in place on the application ranging from the read receipts to the much talked about WhatsApp call. We are honestly looking forward to the WhatsApp video call feature. And oh, not forgetting the WhatsApp web feature as well as the newly introduced group chat member limit expansion.

These infographics below shows you how to go about some tips and tricks on the WhatsApp app. They are tips and tricks you probably didn’t know or didn’t have a clear idea on how to go about.

Here they are:

Some whatsapp tips and tricks
Whatsapp tips and tricks
whatsapp tip on how to backup and restore messages

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