Instagram App For iOS and Android Now Supports Multi-Account Usage

It is a known fact that most businesses as well as brands use more than one Instagram account daily. For quite some time now, users have always craved for the ability to operate more than one Instagram account on one device without having to log out from one and then log in to the other.

multi account support on instagram for iOS and android

While the feature has actually been in testing mode for android and iOS smartphone for quite some time now, Instagram via it’s blog, has announced that the multi-account support is now available on both android and iOS platforms.

Users would have to update the app to it’s latest version which would be version 7.15 in other to see the new feature in action. According to Instagram, users can toggle between a maximum of 5 Instagram account using the application. If you’d like to get more information on how to add multiple accounts, you can use the Instagram help page here.

While this isn’t yet available on windows platform because the app version for windows is still on beta (been on beta since 2013), BlackBerry 10 users can simply download the Android version and equally enjoy the multi-account support function.

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