MTN Discontinues Cheapest TruTalk+ Tariff Plan, Automatically Migrates Users To Tru Talk

While most subscribers on the glo network are still trying to get over the new increment in the cost of glo bis subscription to N1400 as against N1000, MTN has decided to cancel it’s cheapest tariff plan known as TruTalk+.

mtn discontinues truetalk+ tariff plan

The MTN trutalk+ plan was launched after Etisalat launched the Easylife 4.0 plan offering call rates as low as 11Kobo per second. The plan has been in existence since May 2015 until yesterday, MTN discontinued the plan and of course, a notification was sent to this effect.

mtn stops trutalk+ cheapest tariff plan

After the plan was discontinued, MTN automatically reverts subscribers to the TruTalk plan which has been in existence before the plus was launched.

For those who are not aware, MTN TruTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that offers a flat rate of 20 kobo/sec across all networks from the first second a call is initiated. Subsequent calls to other networks are charged at 26 kobo/sec. The plan, unlike the trutalk+, doesn’t attract any daily access fee. Users can also register up to 11 numbers to it’s family and friends group and each calls made to those family and friends numbers are charged at 11 kobo/second.

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