Quick Fix : iPhone Keeps Detecting HandsFree and Speakers Not Working

While the iPhone has been quite an awesome device to behold, it has its shortcomings – Quite a handful compared to androids in same price range. It’s no longer doubt that iOS is quite stingy. I mean, sending files from an iPhone to another OS device is almost impossible but of course, iPhone to iPhone or an Apple product to another apple product is quite easy.

fix iPhone getting stucked in Handsfree mode

Anyway, that isn’t the main subject of this topic. iPhones, based on my experience so far, are allergic to water. If you have sweaty palms, using an iPhone can be a pain in the butt. It gets even worse when the iPhone keeps detecting an hands-free device when there isn’t any handsfree device attached to the phone.

iPhone Stuck on HandsFree Mode – The Cause

This is basically caused by little drop(s) of water getting into the bottom of the phone where you have the handsfree jack port, microphone and speakers. This is more likely to happen often if you use a pouch on your iPhone accompanied with the fact that at some time, water usually touches the phone.

iPhone Keeps Detecting HandsFree Mode- The Fix

If your iPhone still keeps detecting that an Hands-Free is connected to the phone when in actual sense there isn’t, the speakers tend not to work when playing songs, videos as well as when making or receiving a phone call except it is placed on loud speaker.

There are several measures you could try out in getting this issue fixed. First, you need to take off the pouch before trying all of these tips. You can get an earbud and have the cotton side slide into the headphones jack port and then take it out. Do this at intervals and hopefully, it’d get it fixed.

Alternatively, you can blow enough air into other components like the microphone and speakers. You can also use the a pair of headphones in taking it off handsfree mode by simply fixing an headphone into the port and forcefully taking it out.

In my own case, I just blew hair constantly into the phone for a few minutes and left it for a few hours and viola, it will start working. By few hours, it could take as much as 5 hours before everything gets back to normal and yes, i have actually experienced this twice so far and this always worked.

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