Say Hello To The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge + Specs

Samsung, during the course of the Mobile World Congress, unveiled the much anticipated Galaxy S7 and as expected, the device was launched alongside it’s better half, the Galaxy S7 Edge. After been rumored to be released in January, both devices finally makes its debut in Febrary 2016.

As we have often seen in earlier flagship releases by Samsung, the duo devices are pretty much the same except for some little but important differences of which we will be sharing here.

Display and Design

Kicking off with the display and design of both devices, the Samsung Galaxy S7 design isn’t much different from that of last year’s S6 (it certainly fits into the images that were leaked earlier) and same kinda applies to the S6 Edge.Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge view

The Galaxy S7 sports a 5.1 inch display while the Galaxy S7 Edge sports a bigger 5.5-inch display and both are Super Amoled with Quad HD (1440 × 2560) resolution.

In terms of design, outside the screen size, the Galaxy S7 Edge is noticeably taller than the S7 and slightly wider as well.

According to Samsung, both phones have similarly curved back glass towards the edge as it flows into the side and fits comfortably in the hand. Of course, the S7 Edge has the edge curve design as seen on the S6 Edge and Edge+ which makes another well noticeable design difference compared to the stand-alone S7.


Since the introduction of the android 6 marshmallow OS and the Android N OS which is still in the kitchen, we wouldn’t be expecting anything less from Samsung. Both smartphones runs on android Marshmallow operating system which brings quite a number of useful features to the table.

We are looking at better battery improvement, new notification interface, individual app permissions management and a host of others. Of course, with new OS comes the new edition of TouchWiz. However, interface doesn’t look different from previous edition.

Performance and Storage

In terms of performance, both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge runs on Snapdragon 820 processor. However, that is basically for the United states. Other international versions runs on a similar powerful Eynos 8890 system chip whose performance isn’t different from that of the snapdragon.

In terms of RAM size, both devices runs on a 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and in terms of storage, it starts at 32GB. As indicated on earlier leaks, both devices will be featuring the use of MicroSD cards. So, if you use any of the Galaxy S6 series which didn’t allow the use of an external SD-Card, the Galaxy S7 has got you covered.


The camera, being one of the major part much customers look into, the Galaxy S7 duo sports same camera specs of 12-megapixels with larger individual pixels and the widest lens ever seen on a Samsung phone at aperture f/1.7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera samples Samsung-Galaxy-S7-camera-samples 2

Other features in regards the camera includes optical image stabilization (OIS), new motion panorama, new motion picture similar to Apple’s live photo, new hyperlapse video recording mode built in the camera app and oh, the real deal of the moment, video recording support up to 4K resolution at 30fps on both devices.


Owing to the fact that both smartphones are different in terms of size, it is expected to see same variation in the battery size. The Galaxy S7 packs a 3000mAh battery while the S7 Edge packs a bigger 3600mAh battery.Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge battery

As seen on most smartphones released lately, the smartphones are equipped with fast charging technology alongside wireless charging. More so, the cool new reversible USB Type-C has made it’s way to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. Both smartphones also features a microUSB port accompanied with the fact that the batteries are non user-removable.

Another interesting feature in the new Galaxy S7 duo is the water protection. According to Samsung, both devices can withstand being damaged when ‘accidentally’ dropped into fresh water.

No concrete price as been confirmed yet but not to worry, we’d inform you on that as soon as we get the memo. In terms of availability, the smartphones will be available for pre-order in the United States starting from the 23rd of February 2016, however, shipping should commence in march.

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  • This is truly exciting tho, Mr Sam, my frnds infinix zero 2 wich I explained largely last week revived after charging thru out today and is now being charged wif my laptop. I rili don’t understand if the battery is supposed to increase or not cus it’s still like it’s dead, displaying red. If turned on, it displays the recovery mode indicating reboot system, backup, power off and use volume keys to move e.t.c. I must confess, m confused and don’t know how to proceed. I can’t initiate the flashing process cus the fone wasn’t being detected on the sp flash tool wich was used to update hot note and my zero 2 to lollipop and again is the battery supposed to ave attained a moderate charge before flashing bcus it’s still on red when charging. Pls help ASAP. Thanks

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