Skype Introduces Group Video Calling On iOS and Android Phones

Skype, one of the well known video calling service, has rolled or is rolling out a new feature which allows people engage in group video calls.

The introduction of the new group calling feature certainly makes the service more interesting as users can now engage in Skype calls with many users at a time up to the number of 25.

skype group video calling

Although according to Skype via it’s blog post, ‘Now that group video calling is available on all platforms, nobody gets left out‘. That isn’t entirely true. Most iOS users as well as windows phone users are left out. At least for now.

Users using Skype for Windows Phone, windows 10 or Linux cannot start or join a group call. Users using Skype for Xbox One and Skype for Samsung TVs can actually start a group call but cannot join an existing call.

For iOS devices, iPhone 4/4s users as well as the fifth generation iPod Touch users cannot use the new feature. iPad 2, 3 and Mini users will see a maximum of three video streams while other devices will see a maximum of six video streams. Other streams will be audio only.

Sometime in January, when the feature was first introduced in preview form, it was said that the feature will be available to windows 10 mobile as well. Guess we just have to wait and see how it unfolds. But for now, the update is being rolled over to android and iOS users including tablet users.

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