SwiftKey Update Brings All Android 6.0 Marshmallow Emoji To The Table

One of the most famous android third party keyboard app, SwiftKey, now has a new update and this time, the app is bringing android 6.0 marshmallow emojis to the table. It would be recalled that Google launched has launched android 6.0.1 update which introduced quite a number of new emojis.

While the 184 unicode emoji has been on Swiftkey for a while now for basically it’s beta testers, the update makes the emojis available to all Swiftkey users running the app on their android phones.

swiftkey new update

Android phones running marshmallow flavor are not the only phones qualified to have the emojis enabled, virtually all sophisticated android phones can utilize the new emojis and more so, the initial available 48 emojis have been refreshed to look much better.

Below is an image of the new 184 Unicode marshmallow emojis available on Swiftkey keyboard app for android.

new emojis on swiftkey

If you enjoy expressing yourself on chats using emojis or you enjoy using emojis in lightening up your chat conversations, pending when you get android 6.0.1 update on your device, you can explore the Swiftkey keyboard application and express yourself with better emojis.

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