Twitter Gets GIF Search Plus Videos Support In Direct Messages and Tweets

Over the last few months, twitter has constantly been making adjustments to it’s social platform. We have witnessed new additions and still looking forward to proposed additions.

twitter gif search functionality

Twitter, via it’s support handle, has announced that users can now capture and share videos in direct messages and the new feature will be rolled out globally.

Not just that, just as seen on Facebook messenger for desktop, Twitter is introducing or will be introducing GIF search button feature on it’s platform which will be implemented on both the tweets window options and direct messages. The GIF search should make it much easy to communicate using GIF as users can simply search and use for detailed GIFs using keywords.

twitter gif button implemented on tweets window and direct messages

The GIF search feature is powered by Twitter’s partners, GIPHY and Riffsy. GIFs can also be browsed in various categories giving you a wide range of options to choose from when composing a tweet or sending a direct message.

While the new GIF button may not be seen on your account now, it should be available in the next couple of weeks and this feature will also be available on the official twitter app for iOS and android as well as the desktop site.

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