Twitter Is Likely Changing It’s Timeline Algorithmic Placement Soon

I remember back in those day when Facebook was still pretty new, newest updates from friends appear on the top. Couple of years after, Facebook re-defined the algorithm thus displaying friend’s updates randomly. A 5 minutes ago update can appear way below a 2 hours update which in my opinion, doesn’t make much sense.

Oh well, Twitter is likely going same route pretty soon. According to a report on Friday, the new timeline change might take effect in the next couple of days. The new algorithm will determine which tweets it thinks people will be more interested in viewing and those tweets will be placed on top of the timelines.

twitter tweet timeline change

For now, tweets are displayed based on timing which makes more sense. The intending change may not make much of a sense. I mean, a tweet shared a couple of hours back might not make much sense or much impact in the next few hours. Anyway, let’s just believe they know what they are doing.

Another line of interest is the intending 10,000 characters on tweets. While twitter’s tweets characters is currently limited to 140 characters and the company is hoping to increase it to 10,000 characters, most users are not convenient with this. Currently, there is a 10,000 character limit on direct messages sent on Twitter. We’d be looking forward to seeing what comes off the tweet character limit.

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