These Two Awesome Videos Proves That Expensive Professional Cameras Isn’t Always A Necessity

Remember Fstoppers? The guys that did a professional photo shoot session using the iPhone 6s Plus? Well, they’ve brought something related to the iPhone 6s Plus again and this time, it isn’t a photo shoot session but video recording.

Sometime back, I shared with you a short video that was shot specifically using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and of course, that produced really cool video. After processing and final touch of course.

Videos shoot using iPhone 6s

We’ve witnessed how mobile phone cameras have evolved over the years. From when you can only snap blurring images using the back camera alone to when your phone camera produces awesome pictures even while using the front facing camera.

Photo and Videographer, Sven Dreesbach has released two short videos which were said to have been shot using the iPhone 6s Plus been placed on a stabilization rig.

“I shot two ‘surf videos’ at the same time,” Dreesbach said for the Fstoppers blog. “The main project (‘Dark Waves’) was a music video I shot for Robot Koch from the infamous indie label Monkeytown Records in Berlin. The other project (‘This Moment’) is a ‘visual poem’ and has more of a branded content look.”

“One of the main reasons to pick the iPhone over more professional cameras was not only excitement over the new features (120fps in HD) but also the small budget,” Dreesbach said. “We spent less money on hardware than we would have if we rented any gear. On top of that we had the option to go back into the water any time we needed for pick up shots, which turned out useful, since it’s hard to plan too far ahead when shooting surf. You gotta be ready for the ocean, when it is for you!”

While it is very much possible to shoot awesome videos using sophisticated mobile phones, especially those with 4K recording feature, in other to produce really cool videos, there need to be proper handling of lightening amongst other things.

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  • Hello Mr Sam, my friend downloaded and installed software updates on his zero 2 running kitkat and then it got bricked as usual. I want to unbrick the device using yr tutorial on the hot note buh is it okay if I use the lollipop rom scatter file for the unbricking so it would be running lollipop? Or do I need the initial kitkat scatter file? Thanks

    • Desmond, you can directly use the lollipop rom but if you already have the kitkat rom on your computer, you can flash that in first before the lollipop rom.

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