WhatsApp Group Chats Can Now Take Up To 256 Members

Am I the only one who doesn’t see the new WhatsApp group chat update as a good news? I mean, can you even keep up with an active group conversation on WhatsApp with about 30 members?

Whatsapp group chat member number has been extended

Oh well, WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging app which just attained the 1 billion monthly active users milestone, has made some changes to the group chat service as group chats on WhatsApp can now accommodate up to 256 members.

whatsapp new group chat numbers

If you are a WhatsApp group admin and you feel the 100 members limit wasn’t a good deal, I am sure 256 members will be enough.

Please note that, we at TechsNG will not be responsible for any disturbance from emanates from the WhatsApp groups you are added to neither will we be responsible for late night beeping sounds, shortage in battery life as a result of too many active members in a group conversation. We don’t want to be responsible for your sleepless nights lol. Thankfully, you can use the mute function if you don’t want to leave the group. The mute function basically stops the beeping sound which tends to notify you whenever a new conversation is posted in a group.

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  • Hello once again Mr Sam, last nite, I downloaded the infinix zero 2 Rom file via mega.nz. After the download, a pop-up came telling me to install and the language wasn’t English. After the installation, it wrote something like the Rom file wasn’t responding or so. Also, do I need to install the Rom file and the vcom drivers before extracting or I shld jst extract b4 installing. The vcom is rili my problem nd I hope u assist me.

    • Desmond, sorry for the slow response. You need to extract them before you can install them. The tutorial i gave on the subject matter is very straight and simple. You just have to pay attention to the steps and follow squarely. Thank you.

  • Good day sir, please I’m having issues with my blackberry world app. It’s kind longer functioning on my z3 phone. Please so you have any idea on what I can do about it. Thanks

  • Good day sir, please I’m having issues with my blackberry world app. It stopped functioning on my z3 phone. It tells me “an error has occurred, blackberry world will not open, try wait for some minutes and and reopen later” Please do you have any idea on what I can do about it. Thanks

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