Apple Rolls Out iOS 9.3 With A New Feature And Sadly, A Bug

The news on iOS rolling out iOS 9.3 isn’t new. As a matter of fact, the new update alongside the new feature was much talked about when Apple launched the iPhone SE.

However, I just got the update on my iPhone – well, let me say I just came across it on my iPhone and I guess that makes it new lol.

iOS 9.3 update for Apple devices

According to the update description, the iPhone, iPad and iPad touch gain more improvements to Notes, News, Health and Apple Music. A new feature was also brought to the table known as Night Shift. According to Apple, the Night shift feature may help you get a better night sleep by shifting the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum at night.

One of the major bug that has been discovered so far, is in relation to older apple devices. Like the 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad 2,3 and 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Mini 2 and not forgetting the 5th Gen iPod Touch.

These devices, when updated to iOS 9.3, tend to have issues with Apple ID password activation especially if you cannot recall the password. Apple has however, proffered a solution and it involves users resetting the password or disabling the Activation lock feature at iCloud.

A fix will likely be released soon hence, you should probably be expecting iOS 9.3.1 update. Just to stay on the safer side, if you using any of those mentioned older apple devices and you are yet to update, it’s better you don’t until a fix is rolled out.

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