Face10 Is An Alternative To The Facebook App On Blackberry 10 Phones

The BlackBerry OS including the OS 10, is currently passing through some strong phrase especially with the new development by Facebook.

Couple of weeks back, the Facebook owned mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, announced that it will soon no longer support the blackberry OS including the blackberry 10. Other few versions of windows and android will also be affected by the change.

Few weeks after, Facebook itself, announced that towards the end of this month being march 2016, it’s app will no longer support BlackBerry OS including the BB10. Now tell me, how can an OS survive the present mobile market if basic essential apps can’t work on them? The basic reason why android and iOS are both rocking the mobile market is because virtually every app launched to the public, are available on both platforms.

Although the BB10 app can install and use some android apps, it’s not yet clear if the Facebook android app and WhatsApp android app will work on the device very well. Well, I will be looking forward to trying that out when Facebook decides to completely act on their words.

Currently, BlackBerry 10 users who are looking at sticking with Facebook app instead of a web link can opt in for a Facebook third party app known as Face10.

face10 app as alternative to facebook on Blackberry 10

The face10 app essentially provides almost every feature you’d find on the official Facebook app. It’s just a 5MB app and can be downloaded from the Blackberry World HERE.

I will work on trying out the Facebook app for android on the BlackBerry 10 OS before and after march 31st and will definitely feed you back as to whether or not, it works flawlessly. For now, if you are no longer using the default Facebook app on your BB10 phone, you may opt in for the face10 app. However, if you are currently still using the FB app without problems, it may be in your best interest not to update the app until it becomes mandatory.

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